[par-core] | noun

Parkour is the physical discipline of training your body to get from point A to point B as safely, quickly, and efficiently as possible, whilst overcoming all obstacles in your path.

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The Back Story

Created almost 40 years ago in the streets of Paris, Parkour has a unique history. What began as a study in human movement, turned into obstacle course navigation, which evolved into techniques taught to firefighters.

French actor and stuntman David Belle caught onto those techniques from his father, and started doing le parcours with his friends.

The sport has come a long way since then, and we’re here to show you that Parkour isn’t just something for viral videos. It’s for real people who want to learn practical movement and make their bodies useful.

How Can Parkour Help Me?

5 Reasons to Train Parkour

Get in Shape
"Be Strong to be Useful"

We are teaching people how to be familiar with their bodies. As training goes on, you’ll naturally get stronger, faster, more agile. With some dedication to this ridiculously fun sport, not only will you be in great shape, but you’ll have some useful, safe skills too!

Fun Workouts
Learn to play again!

When you do Parkour, you’ll be so focused on learning sweet moves, trying challenges with others and having fun, that you won’t even know you are working out! Train at your own pace -- there's always something new waiting for you.

Learn New Skills
Access Your Super Human Potential

Parkour is built around incremental progress, so you can start small and finish big. It's all about continuous improvement. Fight or Flight Academy shows you a clear path towards your goals. They may not come fast, they may not come easy, but those achievements will come.

Make New Friends
...and impress others!

Bonding through training is a real thing. Everyone is here to cultivate improvement in themselves and others.

By putting yourself into a mindset of overcoming challenge, or being willing to fail, you create a bond. As long as you’re willing to participate, there’s friends to be made. Those friends are the ones that can teach you sweet skills too!

Join a Movement
We're a community, not a gym

The community at Fight or Flight Academy is eclectic and warm. Parkour is a unique and growing sport, and thus it attracts unique and growing people. We are all here, having fun, and travelling our journey. Think of us like a non-PC safe space. Be yourself!

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MYths & Misconceptions

Isn't Parkour


Yes, but...

Our gym (and online program) is built to be realistic when compared to doing Parkour outside. Because of this, people are more careful while training. We teach safety; from using proper progressive movements, to learning how to fall safely, using mats where appropriate, and mental preparations.

Isn't Parkour


Parkour is not a crime

Parkour is legal in public, so long as you are not causing damage or disturbing the peace. If you are on private property, however, you may be asked to leave. Failure to do so is trespassing. Typically, as long as you are respectful of the property and others -- and are respectful if asked to leave -- there is not a problem.

Isn't Parkour for the

& fit?

Parkour is a lifelong sport

Parkour starts simple. The most basic movements are ones that any person can achieve, no matter their body type, level of fitness, or age.

Don’t think of getting in shape to start Parkour, start Parkour to get in shape!

Isn't Parkour

Flipping & Tricking?

Not exactly...

It's really about learning more about your body, and increasing awareness. You change the way your brain thinks and the way your body works. You’ll be learning moves you thought you never could. Conquering challenges that you thought were unachievable. Parkour is not just a physical discipline, but a mindset. A lifestyle.

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