Our Parkour Summer camps are a 3-day immersive, interactive and high energy adventure. We want your kids to have the best Parkour experience possible!

Your child will get to learn and play, running, jumping, rolling, vaulting and more – all with guidance from professional instructors! Plus, if you haven’t heard, Parkour games are *the best!*

What is a Parkour summer camp?

Our Parkour summer camps will teach your kid to climb, jump, roll, swing, flip, and more, in the only dedicated Parkour gym in the region.

We incorporate structured teaching time, fun challenges, obstacles courses, and games to give your kid an experience they’ll never forget.

Here is a general breakdown of each day:

  • 9am – Drop offs and warm ups
  • 10am – Structured class time
  • 11am – Games and challenges related to learned skills
  • Noon – Lunch break
  • 1pm – NERF WARS
  • 2pm – Flips
  • 3pm – Pickups


Everybody loves a good nerf war! We have tons of guns and ammo, or you can bring your own from home. Got any cool customizations? We want to see!

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June 29 - July 1

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-3pm

July 11-13

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am-3pm

July 27-29

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-3pm

august 8-10

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am-3pm

august 24-26

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-3pm