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Trying a new workout can be scary. But from the moment you walk into Fight or Flight Academy, you’ll feel at ease since your first class is a 1 on 1 personalized Parkour class!

In your first class, you will be introduced to common foundational Parkour movements. Show up ready to sweat!  Be sure to listen closely, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The coaches are here to help.  

We focus on fun fitness for adults, and we focus our attention on our adult training program. Anyone older than 13 is welcome to join us!

Whether this is your first time in the gym, or you’re a seasoned pro, your coach will make sure that your personalized orientation follows a suitable pace that is right for you.

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Welcome to the party

Fight or Flight Academy has been teaching students from all walks of life how to do Parkour for over a decade.  Super gamers, firefighters, track stars, average Joes (and Jills!). We’ve made it part of our mission to prove how easy it is to start learning and doing Parkour.

Forget scrolling through the “fitness training near me” search. If you’re here, we got you. If you show up, we’ll handle the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Absolutely!  Our classes are designed for anyone who comes into our facility, even those with absolutely zero experience.  We will teach everything through steady progressions so that you’ll never be pushed too far past your limits.

Our goal is to grow the sports of Parkour and Freerunning as much as we can. We designed our program and Parkour gym to be completely accessible to even the most novice participants. We recommend that everyone attend our FREE intro orientation class.  Once you have completed the introductory Parkour class, your coach will guide you through the next steps.

The facility is designed to be as realistic as possible – as if you were training downtown in the city.  Therefore, it’s not necessarily a “safe” environment because you will not be relying on padding. It is our job to teach you to keep yourself safe with proper movements and techniques.

Don’t let that scare you off! Danger is obvious, and we’ll make sure you know how to handle yourself every step of the way. There’s a reason we’ve been the only Parkour gym Minneapolis has had – because we know our stuff!

We are not a gymnastics facility.  We want our students to be able to comfortably apply the skills that they have learned at Fight or Flight outside the academy in a real world environment.  If you develop your skills while using a crutch such as a trampoline, a spring floor or a foam pit, you haven’t truly learned learn those skills. So no, we don’t have those training crutches at our gym.

We certainly are! In fact, our entire process for entering Fight or Flight Academy and joining our Parkour classes is built with the beginner at the center of it.  We have run thousands through our introductory classes, and most of them had never tried Parkour before.  Anyone of any level of skill is welcome, and it is easy to train at your own pace!  We want to make sure everyone has a chance to learn the best they can, so we hook everyone up with a free private Parkour lesson for their first day!

You certainly don’t need to be fit to try Parkour, but you’re not alone if that’s what you’re thinking! A lot of people think you need to be fit to do Parkour, but in reality, doing Parkour will make you fit.

Parkour, first and foremost, is fun. It’s challenging, it tests your brain, and it’s playful, too! That means that you’ll be using your body without realizing it, and at the end of every session, you’ll realize you were actually “working out” the whole time. Parkour is easy to start, and anyone can do the most basic movements. It’s all up from there, at any level of fitness!

Eventually, you’ll be able to make Parkour into fitness training if you want it, a workout if you want it, or just play if that’s your style.

You definitely can! People perceive Parkour as inherently dangerous often, so your concern is not uncommon. However, the cool thing about danger, especially in Parkour, is that it’s obvious. Sharp edges, bad places to fall, a big drop…things like this are easy to spot. The reality of Parkour is that it’s easy to avoid danger when you’re doing it.

On top of that, ask any student who has been here for a bit: Parkour improves coordination. So you shouldn’t be asking if you can do Parkour if you’re uncoordinated…you should be doing our Parkour classes so you can become more coordinated!

We aren’t your typical fitness training – all of our packages include group coaching. Pricing at Fight or Flight Academy is dependent on the program you decide to go with. Every member has different needs, so we provide a variety of options. All classes are paid for on a monthly tuition basis.

No, there is not. Our program is focused on fun fitness for adults. We do not offer any lessons specifically for youth. However, anyone ages 13 or above is welcome to join our adult program.

Certainly not! Though much of Fight or Flight’s community has been men for a long time, we consistently have a large percentage of women in the space as well.

Because Parkour is perceived as an extreme sport, many men are more attracted to it. However, many people don’t realize that Parkour is a great way to be creative, get coordinated, become healthier and more fit, and connect with others through movement. There is no ideal gender for Parkour!

YES! Absolutely, yes! 1000x yes. Parkour is simply — movement. Everything we do is based on progression, so you will always have somewhere to start. Not every person can do every move, but everyone can do some moves – even a total beginner! We’ve worked with people of all ages and body types for over 10 years.

While being overweight will present its own challenges, it is absolutely not a discounting factor when it comes to doing Parkour, and our Parkour classes will give you the best footing you could possible ask for.

During the week we have Parkour classes (and our other disciplines!) going from around 4:30pm to 9pm, with morning Parkour classes and fitness training some days. On the weekends classes run from 9am until 4:30pm.  See our schedule.

Classes are typically around 90 minutes with some exceptions. Our shortest fitness classes (PK Fit) are 45 minutes.

We do! We offer classes in a diversity of disciplines outside of Parkour classes. You can train in a variety of movement disciplines and styles, ranging from Japanese Swords, to flips, to weight lifting, to obstacle courses!

Fight or Flight Academy Online is the world’s best online video Parkour training program. It is based on over a decade of proven, hands-on training that we have provided for everyone — from beginners to complete pros. From basic rolls to cat hangs, flips, and corkscrews, Fight or Flight Academy Online will provide a detailed, step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through all of the movements, step-by-step.

Fight or Flight has gathered the wisdom of some of the world’s greatest Parkour athletes and distilled the secrets of their success into our Master class series. It is perfectly suitable for beginners looking for an edge and intermediate to advanced students who want to take their skills to the next level.

We do offer Guided Open Training with a coach on site, but only to our students who are Level 2 and above. We want to make sure anyone who is training alone in our facility can train safely. You can check out the advancement test here to see if you are up to the test!

For those looking to participate exclusively in open training, we offer a Guided Open Training pass that can be paid for month-by-month.



Class Curriculum

Fight or Flight Academy offers a variety of parkour classes for all skill levels.