The best thing Fight or Flight Academy has to offer, our

Super Human Program.

Why “Super Human?”

Because we believe that any human has superhuman potential inside of them, untapped.

We created this program to show people their true selves. By learning how to play again, becoming more

adept at conquering challenges, and beating fear on the daily, you can access your true potential.

This Program Can Take You To That Point.

By joining the Super Human Program, we will provide you:

A Personal Coach

that we believe fits your goals the best. Not just what you want to achieve, but who you are. We pair our students with their coach based on personality as well as goals and learning style.

Personalized Feedback

so you don’t wander astray. When you’re learning a new move, you can work with your coach, and the community as a whole, to get personalized feedback on your specific movements. Submit videos and get some seriously good advice.

A Custom Fitness Plan

to keep you on track. Your coach will work with you as you set goals so that you can knock them out. We’ll make sure you’re working on what you want to work on, in the most effective way possible.

Live 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions,

because too often do questions get lost in the static. You’ll get the chance to show up to your favorite spot, work on your favorite moves, and get live, in-the-moment feedback just like if you were at our gym location, one on one.

A Custom Meal Plan

for taking things to the next level. Thought Fight or Flight Academy isn’t like “normal gyms,” there is something we know works: diet. You can have a great diet, or be physically fit, but the best of us know that it takes both to be Super Human. We’ll work with you to make it easier than ever to eat towards your goals.

Our Welcome Kit

will keep you looking fly and feeling mobile for your training sessions. We’ll get you set up with our top picks for Parkour apparel and footwear. We’ll even help with the gear so that you can film yourself easier!