Why Should I Test?

Passing a test unlocks additional classes (listed below). Failing a test reveals strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll know what you need to work on. Also, it’s FUN!

Unlock the following classes by passing the Level 4 advancement test:

  • Advanced Parkour

How to Test

Open your ZenPlanner app and register for the test the same way you would for normal classes. Then just show up as you normally would for a class.

The Level 4 advancement test is being administered on the following dates:

  • Sunday, June 16th at 3pm
  • Friday, December 13th at 7:30pm
You can find the full list of monthly testing details HERE.


Each skill is scored from 0 to 10 points. In order to advance, students must accumulate a minimum of 168 points out of 210 total points, this equates to an average score of 8 or better on each skill. Any skill scored 0-2 will be an immediate failure, so be sure you review each skill and ask a coach if you have any questions



Perform 5 dips on a bar with full range of motion

Pull ups

Perform 3 pull ups on a bar with full range of motion

Depth Drop

Drop from a 3’ obstacle to the ground, then immediately jump over a 2.5’ trapezoid three times in a row

Box Climb

  • Wall run to a half cat
  • Use a level 2 or better top out to stand up on top of the 8’ box

Handstand 360

Against a wall:

  • perform a tuck up to handstand
  • turn 360° on your hands
  • then straddle down to the ground

Front Flip Timer

Demonstrate a dive roll over a 4’ mat to a red mat


Demonstrate a back roll off the 7’ box to port-a-pit mats


Demonstrate a sideflip timer to port-a-pit mats

Wall Spin

On the Sonic Wall, demonstrate a wall spin with hands chest height on the wall.

Vault to PK Roll

Perform a kong vault and lazy/thief/dash vault from the green wall over the blue wall (Blue 7) to a shoulder roll on the red puzzle mats


Lâche to a precision on an obstacle placed just past body length away


Perform a 360 underbar over the deck corner

(This video demonstration shows this in a different location than described, but the movement remains the same.)


Perform a dash vault over a 3’ trap to a tire, keeping your momentum to a kong vault over a second 3’ trap to a precision on a second tire.

The provided video demonstration shows this being done using the quad-box beams. The movements are the same but the obstacles will be different for the test.

20 basic vaults

Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the 20 basic vaults. Either through demonstration, explanation, or both.

[20 basic vaults blog post]

20 basic parkour vaults

4 Foot Works

Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the 4 footworks. Either through demonstration, explanation, or both

Flow Combo

  • Kong down 7’ to deck
  • Reverse down
  • Cartwheel

Multiple Obstacle Flow

  • Perform any seven movements of your choice
  • Three obstacles will be designated by your coach
  • You must perform at least one movement on each of the three obstacles
  • Your remaining four movements may be done elsewhere as desired
  • You will be given three minutes of practice time, after which you will demonstrate and be scored
  • Smoothness is key!

The video demonstration is only a guide, and not the exact movements or obstacle setup you must perform

Tic-Tacs & Cat-Backs

Tic-tac to a cat grab on toothless, then cat-back to cat grab on the 6’ wall


From the green cat grab, dyno using a euro-step to the red hold, drop back to the green and dyno up again with a euro-step on the other side


Balance across the 10’ bar connecting the black box to the red wall with full control. (Mats allowed)


One the precision trainer, demonstrate round 12 of the precision game (5, 5)