Each skill is scored from 0 to 10 points. In order to advance, students must accumulate a minimum of 168 points out of 210 total points, this equates to an average score of 8 or better on each skill. Any skill scored 0-2 will be an immediate failure, so be sure you review each skill and ask a coach if you have any questions.


Muscle up

Perform one muscle up on a bar. Must have full extension, no kipping, and arms must stay symmetrical

how to muscle up

Depth Drop

Drop from 4’ to ground, then immediately jump over a 3’ trapezoid three times in a row with no pause

depth drop

Box Climb

Wall run to a cat grab, then use a level 2 or better top out to stand up on top of the 10’ box

Front Flip

Perform a running front flip on the floor

How to do a running front flip

Back Flip

Perform a standing back flip on the floor

Side Flip

Perform a running side flip on the floor

how to side flip

Push Gainer

Perform a push gainer off the deck to a red mat

Wall Flip

Perform a wall flip on a flat wall

Wall Inward Side Flip

Perform a wall inward side flip on a flat wall

wall inward side flip

PK Shoulder Roll

Jump from the shed to the floor and perform a PK shoulder roll

pk shoulder roll


Lache to a precision on a bar at least body length away

lache parkour

Underbar Power

Jump from the deck to an underbar through the blue 3 hole

underbar power

Underbar Tech

Starting on the deck, vault the first 3’ bar, then underbar to the ground on the second bar

how to underbar tech

Vaulting Combo

Perform in order:

  • an underbar through the green 2 hole
  • a dash vault over the green wall
  • a kong vault over the deck
  • and a reverse vault over a trapezoid

Single Obstacle Flow

Perform on a single obstacle anything you want

You will have 1 minute to visually plan your movements, and you will be judged on the first attempt

single obstacle parkour flow

Multiple Obstacle Flow

Perform on three or more obstacles anything you want. You will have 1 minute to visually plan your movements, and you will be judged on the first attempt

multiple object parkour flow

Cat Grab & Cat Back

Start standing on the blue 6’ wall, jump to land feet on top of the toothless hold, then drop to a cat grab, then cat back to the blue wall and stand up on top

parkour cat grab & cat back

Double Tap

Double tap from the green cat grab hold to the 11’ black cat grab hold

parkour double tap


Stride between 2 bars placed 6’ apart to a 6’ precision onto the deck

parkour strides


Get from the black 10’ box to the red 8’ wall, ground is lava

parkour ground is lava

Devil Drop

Perform a devil front or devil side from the blue cat grab hold onto a red mat

Devil Front

Devil Side