advancement testing

prove your skills and advance to higher levels


In order to advance in level, students must demonstrate proficiency in their current level by taking a standard Level Advancement Test. Each test requires 1-3 skill demonstrations from each of our 8 class topics. As you take higher level tests, you will find the base skills remain consistent through each test, but the difficulty and skill requirement increases. For example, a level 2 test requires students to climb a 5’ obstacle, while the level 4 test requires climbing an 8’ obstacle.

Each skill is scored out of 10 points, and students must accumulate a minimum amount of points to pass. Point requirements can be found in the corresponding test’s page.

Each test begins with a strength and conditioning section, followed by a skills demonstration section, scaled so that the most difficult movements on the test are first.


You can schedule a test whenever you feel ready - review the requirements for each test by following the links below. Talk with your coach if you have any questions.