Level up!

In order to advance in level, students must demonstrate proficiency in their current level by taking a standard Level Advancement Test.

Each test requires 1-3 parkour skill demonstrations from each of our 8 class topics. As you take higher level tests, you will find the base skills remain consistent through each test, but the difficulty and skill requirement increases. For example, a level 2 test requires students to climb a 5’ obstacle, while the level 4 test requires climbing an 8’ obstacle.

Each skill is scored out of 10 points, and students must average an 8 or better on each skill to pass.

Each test begins with a strength and conditioning section, followed by a skills demonstration section.

Make it a date

Each month a designated set of tests will be administered. You can find the full year-long schedule of which tests are being administered each month below.

To take a test, just reserve the class through your ZenPlanner app the same as any other normal class.

On testing day you can expect a similar structure as most other classes. Your coach will meet you in the front and check you in. You’ll have some time to warm up, and then the test will begin.

If you do not pass a test during testing day, no problem! Now you know some of your weak points and you can practice for next time.

If you do pass, sweet! You’ll be charged $20 and we’ll update everything in the backend and you should see your new classes available for registration the next day.

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2024 Testing Schedule

Request a Test

Don’t want to wait for one of the testing dates above? You can request a test using the form on this page. You can also talk to a coach to find a time for a test.

After submitting the form, we’ll be in contact to confirm the time.

The testing fee of $20 is due up front, even if you don’t pass. So make sure you’re ready!