Why Learn Parkour?

First, let’s learn what Parkour is

PARKOUR DEFINITION: the physical discipline of training and conditioning your body to be able to get from point
A to point B as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible, overcoming all obstacles in your path.

How Can Parkour Help Me?

Mindset Transformation

Train Your Brain

More than just the sum of its physical moves, Parkour is about challenge.Parkour is about fear.

When you train Parkour, you get better every time at overcoming challenges you never thought you could. Not only that, you’ll knock out challenges that seem impossibly scary, but finish easier than you thought. Your mind is powerful! 


Sometimes You Need to Hop a Fence

Look, you can keep your reasons for hopping that fence to yourself. We won’t ask...but if you want to tell us an awesome story, we’re totally cool with that ;)

Have you ever had a football or frisbee fly way out of the way, only to land on the other side of a fence? With Parkour under your belt, your friends will watch you hop that fence and their jaws might just drop. Parkour isn’t just about fences, either. Slipping on ice, climbing a tree, even just walking through a crowd. The increased body awareness and Parkour skills you’ll have will make you more agile in all parts of life.


You Could Save a Life

Parkour was originally created by a firefighter whose philosophy was that there should be nobody in any burning building that he can’t get to to save their life. In the unlikely event that you should find yourself in a similar situation, you will have the physical tools to save lives, whether another person’s or your own.


You’ll Find Your Place

Parkour isn’t exactly what you would call mainstream. Sure, viral videos are probably how you heard about Parkour first, but what about the people that actually make up the community? Because the Parkour journey is so personal, the community at large is incredibly welcoming to newcomers. Everyone remembers their first few days training. Beyond that, the Fight or Flight Academy community is... read more

Common Parkour

Myths and misconceptions

Parkour is dangerous

Correct. However, because most people view Parkour as dangerous, it isn’t. Our gym (and online programs) is built to be realistic when compared to doing Parkour outside. Therefore, it looks dangerous. Because of this, people are more careful while training Parkour. They know there is danger involved and are more careful. We start out day one talking about safety, from using proper progressive movements, to learning how to fall safely, using mats where appropriate, and even mental preparations you can take.

Parkour Is Illegal

That depends on where and what you are doing. Parkour is legal on any public spaces, so long as you are not causing damage or disturbing the peace. If you are on private property however, you may be asked to leave, and failure to do so is trespassing. We have found that as long as you are respectful of the property and others, and are respectful if asked to leave, there is never a problem.

Parkour Is Only For

Young and Fit People

Parkour starts simple. Seriously simple. When people say roof gaps(expert level stuff), we say step vault (a simple to learn core fundamental). The most basic movements in Parkour are ones that any person can achieve, no matter their body type, level of fitness or age. The best part? As you continue to train and learn more, you will get in shape! So don’t think of getting in shape to start Parkour, start Parkour to get in shape!


Isn’t For Girls

Action sports tend to attract men, we get it. Something about boys and risking their lives, maybe? But we already know that is not what Parkour is about. In fact, because the Parkour community was so heavily male in the past, leaders have been working to change that for years. The competitive scene is more welcoming to female athletes than it has ever been. Gyms across the country are focusing on bringing more women and girls into their gyms. We preach an eclectic community, and that is a part of it!

Parkour is Only About

Jumps, Flips and Tricks

On a physical level, this is only kind of true. It’s really about learning more about your body, and increasing awareness. The thing being overlooked here is the Parkour mentality. When you train Parkour, you change the way your brain thinks and the way your body works. You’ll be learning moves you thought you never could. Conquering challenges that you thought were unachievable. Parkour is not just a physical discipline, but a mindset. A lifestyle.

Parkour Takes

A Lot of Time To Learn

If you’re basing that assumption off of Redbull sponsored athletes on Instagram, you’re right. Getting to that level takes a LOT of time. However, you could start learning Parkour today. Whether in the gym or outside, Fight or Flight Academy can give you the tools. It’s as easy as stepping outside, finding a nice obstacle (not that hard!), and trying something new.