Flips are cool!  Everyone wants to learn how to back flip!  This class will start at the very basics of a flip and throughout the session will expand and explore that flip in various locations and with different styles.  Each session will focus on either front, back, or side flip.  Try them all, or just keep working on mastering a single one.

Each session is a 4-week course beginning the first week of each month. Each session will rotate each month between the three flips (back, side, and front).

Each session begins the first week of each month. You must pre-register. 


  • FREE – Any student with a Level 2/3 Standard membership can sign up for a supplementary class package for free. (Talk to us in-person to register if you have the standard package membership)

  • $49 – Anybody without a Level 2/3 Standard membership can purchase a 4-week supplementary class package for $49.

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March Schedule

Tuesdays 7:30pm | Front Flip

Wednesdays 6:30pm | Back Flip

Saturdays 4:30pm | Side Flip


Other Supplementary Class Packages: