Teen & Adult Parkour


Teen/Adult Parkour

Ages 14-116

Level 1 – Foundations of Parkour & Freerunning

8-Week Session Package

All of our top level athletes, and most of our coaches, started here. 

From day one you’ll be moving over, across, under and through various obstacles!

Through your level 1 training, you’ll be safely introduced to the basic movements of parkour and freerunning, covering eight core Parkour and freerunning topics, all while naturally building strength, speed, stamina and balance in a safe environment.


We rotate through an 8-week curriculum of classes, with several skills one must adequately perform before graduating to Level 2.

Those 8 subjects are as follows:

Landings – Proper slapout landing technique, momentum transfers, balance and precisions, and proper breakfall techniques.

Vaulting – Learn how to move over, onto and off of various obstacles using a variety of different vault techniques.

Climbing – Breaking down and learning all the pieces of climbing on top of various obstacles, then applying those techniques to see how high you can climb.

Rolling – Learn how to jump from progressively higher obstacles and safely perform a Parkour shoulder roll to transfer your momentum.

Flow – Altering movements you already know, and learning some new ones, we will explore the more creative side of things, introducing some important Freerunning concepts.

Tumbling – Learn the foundational movements of freerunning-style flips with proper takeoff positions, forward and dive rolls, and handstand, bridge, and cartwheel progressions.

Bars – Learn proper underbar techniques, swinging and releasing techniques, casting and rolling, etc.

Wall Tricks – Learn to use flat and slanted walls in creative ways with movements including wall spins, twisting wall runs and cat grabs, step up handplant wall gainers (OH MY!), and everyone’s favorite, the wall flip.



$74 / Month

One Level 1 class per week

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Level 1 Schedule

Monday | 7:30p

Tuesday | 8:30p

Wednesday | 5:30p

Thursday | 7:30p

Friday | 6:30p

Saturday | 1:30p


Advancement Track:

To advance in levels, students must pass a standard Level Advancement Test. Detailed information for each test can be found by following the links below:

Looking for the Youth Advancement Tests? Click HERE.