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Why Choose Us?

Most venues do not offer any instruction, their employees are there to supervise and entertain. At Fight or Flight Academy, our certified instructors prepare a large obstacle course to teach foundational Parkour skills in a safe and fun environment. Everyone will be taught how to safely land, vault, climb, swing, and balance, all while moving through our obstacle course.

All of our instructors are former students who love Parkour and want to share it with everyone, and it shows when they are teaching.

Our gym is designed for realism. Everything is constructed using wood, concrete, and steel bars. Our gym is not safe. We teach everyone how to be safe within it. Because of our gym design and mentality that comes with it, we have very few injuries compared to other sports. We teach the use of safe progressions, and never allow students to do anything they are not ready for. Anything that is learned in our gym can immediately be taken outside on real obstacles.

Parkour is a dangerous sport when practiced carelessly. When practiced correctly, using the mentalities learned from our instructors, it can be practiced at a high level for decades with no injuries. Our goal for every student is that they are constantly improving, no matter how fast or slow, and that they never get injured.

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*Parties only available on Sundays.


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