Open Gym

Open Gym at FoFa


You must have a waiver on file to participate in Open Gym. This can be done online, or in person. To sign a waiver, you must be 18+, or have your parent or legal guardian sign for you.



Open Gym Times:



Open Gym is a non-instructed time to train on your own or with friends. We do not recommend anyone participate in our Open Gyms without prior Parkour knowledge first, unless they are under the supervision of an experienced athlete who can guide them safely. Almost 100% of the injuries at the gym happen during Open Gyms with people who don’t know what they are doing, or are doing things above their skill level. We offer a FREE CLASS, which will teach you all the basics you need to stay safe.

Our Open Gyms are generally supervised by Coaches and Leadership Team members. They are there to enforce safety rules, guide you in your training, and answer questions you may have about a move you are working on. They are all friendly and willing to help, so don’t hesitate to approach them. You can find out a little more about our coaches HERE.


We also have a list of rules which must be followed at all times during Open Gym or you will be banned from Open Gyms!

  • Open Gym is for ages 7+ only.

    • Youth Levels 1-3, and Teen/Adult Levels 1-4 can attend any of our All Levels Open Gym times.

    • To attend the Teen/Adult Open Gym times, you must be 13 or older OR be in Youth Level 2 or higher.

  • You are not allowed to jump off anything that is taller than you without explicit permission from an instructor.  This includes jumping onto mats. You may be on tall obstacles as long as you can climb down from them safely.

  • All mats must be picked up entirely off the ground when being moved. They are never to be dragged, folded (except panel mats), on top of odd things like beams or nubs, etc. Please ask for help if you need it.

  • You are not allowed to land on the large Port-A-Pit mats without an 8” red mat on top of it.

  • Open gym participants are NOT allowed to spot each other on skills.

  • No food or drink allowed into the exercise area of the gym. Keep them by the spectator area.

  • Always watch out for other people. Never cross over a landing mat that someone else may be jumping onto. Don’t go running around all crazy like (e.g. don’t play games of Tag if there are a lot of people around).

  • Don’t do anything stupid. The gym is not exactly the safest place, if something seems dangerous and scary, it probably is. You are much less likely to hurt yourself if you have a little common sense.