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New to the gym?

The first step in your journey is to come in for a personalized orientation class. In this orientation class, you will be introduced to common foundational Parkour movements, we will help build a personalized fitness plan to help you reach your goals, and you can determine if our gym is the right fit for you.

This orientation class is for anyone, regardless of age or health. We start classes as early as 3, and have several high level students in their 50’s. Parents, bring your kids and join in with them if you want!



Been here before?

Not a problem. If you’ve been here before but are not currently a member, we recommend going through the personalized orientation, as things have likely changed since you were last here.

Bringing a friend?

Great! Both of you are welcome to participate in the orientation class together. Please make sure you both have a waiver on file. Waivers can be signed HERE, or in-person when you arrive.


 What are the benefits of being a member of Fight or Flight Academy?


  • Train at the region’s only dedicated Parkour and Freerunning space.

  • Unlimited access to over 60 instructed classes each week, covering a wide range of movement disciplines.

    • Parkour

    • Freerunning

    • Yoga

    • Flips

    • Obstacle Courses

    • Swords

    • Capoeira

  • Unlimited Open Gym access to practice and perfect your movements.

  • Learn from our highly trained coaching staff with decades of combined experience.

  • A progressive leveling system, developed and perfected to ensure proper athlete development.

  • Learn skills that can be taken outside in the real world in every class.

  • Build long lasting friendships with students and staff.

Why choose us?

Our mission is to provide a safe, realistic, and effective environment for coaches to teach their discipline to as wide a range of people as possible. We start classes at age 3, and have taught people upwards of 80 years old, and even people who require walking assistance devices.

Eli turn vault to cat parkour speed competition