Junior Parkour

Junior Parkour Memberships

Ages 7-10

Standard Package

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$119 / Month

ALL Junior Parkour classes each month

Up to 7 classes per week

Simple Package


$49 / Month

One Junior Parkour class per week



Junior Parkour Schedule

Monday | 5:30p

Wednesday | 6:30p

Thursday | 5:30p

Friday | 5:30p

Saturday | 10a

Saturday | 3:30p

Sunday | 2p



Advancement Track

Once a student has mastered the techniques in the Junior Parkour classes, their instructor will approach them and/or their parents to discuss moving up to Youth Parkour (for ages 10-13). The Youth Parkour classes will introduce more complex techniques, as well as taller obstacles. If you or your child feels they are not being challenged enough in the Junior Parkour classes, you can talk to their instructor about moving up to the Youth Parkour classes.

Click HERE to see more information about the Youth Parkour memberships and classes.