How to Register for Classes Using Your Groupon

Try a Free Class:

Before starting classes at Fight or Flight Academy, we highly encourage you to try one of our free classes. When the class is over, let us know in the office that you have purchased a Groupon, and we can get you registered.

This is the easier and preferred option.

If you have already taken the free class, or are unable to, then keep reading:

1.) Determine which class time you would like to register for.

For Level 1 [Teen/Adult] Groupons, click HERE to locate your class time.

Please note: The starting date for each 8-week session is different for each membership option. You can see the starting date by clicking on the membership and finding “Begin Date” on the page.

2.) Register for your chosen class.

To apply your Groupon credit, enter “GROUPON” in the coupon code box. We will then locate your purchased Groupon in our system and redeem it. No further action is required from you.

You will receive an email with some important information about how our Level 1 classes work, including how to check in, how to keep track of your progress, and how to schedule any makeup classes.

3.) Arrive a little early for your first class.

If possible, please arrive early for your first class. This gives us a chance to guide you through the check-in process, answer any questions, and take care of any issues that may come up without eating into your class time.

If you have any questions please let us know!





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