You do not have to do crazy flippy acrobatic stuff to be a good freerunner! This 4-week session focuses on creative movement without focusing on flips. Learn to express yourself freely through movement without the dangers and difficulty of high level acrobatic skills. Also learn some of the basics of cinematography to make everything look more interesting on your Instagram posts.


  • Creatively taking basic parkour movements and adding style to them
  • How to efficiently flow from one movement to another
  • Effectively creating interesting freerunning lines
  • Understanding freerunning competition judging
  • Cinematography techniques to use for your own instagram/YouTube
  • Games that promote creativity

Each session begins the first week of each month. You must pre-register. 


  • FREE – Any student with a Level 2/3 Standard membership can sign up for a supplementary class package for free. (Talk to us in-person to register if you have the standard package membership)
  • $49 – Anybody without a Level 2/3 Standard membership can purchase a 4-week supplementary class package for $49.

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Fridays | 7:30pm


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