UPDATED Statement | COVID-19 Update


Parkour is all about overcoming obstacles. We all have a pretty big obstacle to overcome right now. Our focus as a business is encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and the best way we can encourage that right now is by limiting our impact on the health of our community.

We have made the decision to close for the next 30 days in our effort to minimize our impact on our students, staff, and family members, and to ease the load on our health care system.

While this can be hard on a small business, we are actually looking at it as a positive thing. We are going to be hard at work during the next 30 days making huge improvements. Including brand new flooring in the front entrance, office, and lobby area. Brand new rubber flooring in the gym, new port-a-pit mats, a fresh paint job, new digital displays, an upgraded sound system, and much more!

Additionally, we will be releasing follow-along tutorials every day that can be done in any home free of charge.

We realize that this situation will cause financial burden on everyone, including ourselves.  If you need to put your membership on hold, we completely understand, just let us know by the end of the month.  All our supporters who continue their membership will receive two vouchers for a free month of membership that can be used for yourself and a friend.  These coupons will be redeemable starting in September of this year.  We will also create a custom t-shirt for everyone who helps us out through this trying time.  And we will love you forever <3

As we monitor the continuing situation, we may need to remain closed for longer and may need to change the redemption dates of the coupons.  We wish everyone well during this.

Alex and Sal are available in-person, over the phone, or through email with any questions.

Support Us Further

For anyone wishing to support us further, consider purchasing a gift card or donating to help us as a small business get through this time.


New Pre-K Parkour Class for Ages 3-6 Beginning January


Pre-K PK.jpg

We are very excited to expand our class offerings and teach a wider range of students. Since Fight or Flight Academy opened, we have not allowed students younger than 7 to join classes.

Times have changed, and we are now able to offer classes for ages 3-6, with a highly qualified instructor, and specialized equipment and curriculum made specifically for this class.



Kids love to play, and we love to teach! In this class, your child will learn how to move their body. The focus of the class is to teach fundamental movement skills for later in life utilizing Parkour movements, including right from left, balance, proprioception, safe falling techniques, and much more!

Beginning in January, we will hold our Pre-K PK class every Tuesday at 3:00pm. Pre-register today to lock in your monthly rate for only $54/month.


Improved Progression System


What is it?

We have implemented a testing system that will help students set and achieve their goals. Each test includes similar elements at increasing difficulty as you increase in level.

You can view the youth and teen/adult test requirements, with video demonstrations of each skill, on our website.

How do I take a test?

You can schedule a test with us whenever you feel ready to advance, or even to just get an idea of where you are in your training. Scheduling options are available on the corresponding test page, and you can always talk to us when you’re at the gym.

What happens if I fail a test?

Nothing really. You will be given notes and progressions to help with any movements you struggled with during the test.

Will the tests ever change?

Probably. We are always looking to make changes that benefit our students, so if we see something that needs to be changed, we will. Our goal is to teach you Parkour, not to fail you on a bunch of tests.


Back to School Sale!


Now through September 15th!

Commit to Your Training

You can save an additional 10% on a 6-month membership package, and an additional 15% on a 12-month package. 

Look Cool While You’re Training

We have many different merchandise options for you to choose from. T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, shorts, sweatpants, etc. We can also heat press our logo on just about anything, so if you have a favorite piece of clothing, bring it in!



Parkour & Freerunning Band Testing




Everyone who is testing will fail.


When you come in during testing day, it is important to understand that failing is inevitable. That’s okay. Failing provides you with information about what you need to work on going forward. Train your weak points and come back stronger next time.


Each testing day begins with EVERYONE taking the Gray Band test. Everyone who passes moves on to the Green Band, then Blue, and finally Red.  That means to earn your Red Band, you must first pass all the other tests on that same day. You can drop out at any time, but we encourage everyone to keep going until they fail as long as they can stay safe.

To earn your Black Band, you must first earn your Red Band, then a separate testing day will be scheduled to test for your Black Band. Think of this as a black belt test. It is meant to take years of training, and be one of the most difficult and rewarding things you have done in your life.

The things you will be tested on will be varied, including courses (both Parkour & Freerunning oriented), small 2-4 move combos, single skill demonstrations, and verbal question/answers. Each tested skill will be graded from 0-10. In addition, we will consider other factors such as overall attitude, determination, etc.

We have provided a list of skills you should be proficient at before expecting to pass certain band tests. You will not be tested on ALL of those skills, but you will be tested on many of them in varying situations.


An example of our grading system for a course test:

  • 10 – Flawless execution; no stutter steps, correct choice of movements, fast and maintained speed

  • 7-9 – Great execution; Some stutter steps, no hesitations, some sub-optimal but otherwise fluid movements, maintained speed

  • 5-6 – Average execution; A few stutter steps/hesitations, some sub-optimal movements, speed fluctuations

  • 3-4 – Poor execution; Many stutter steps, sub-optimal and sloppy movements, fell/tripped but recovered, poor speed

  • 1-2 – Failed execution; Forgot course, fell with poor/no recovery, unsafe and/or grossly sub-optimal movements


Because bands are not linked to your membership level, it allows us to be strict when testing. Our goal is to fail you. You must prove to us you deserve each band. These tests are supposed to be hard. You will feel that much more accomplished when you pass one of them.


May Membership Updates


We have updated our membership options to better accommodate our students’ needs.

We now have an unlimited classes option for Junior and Youth students, which offers a significant discount if you are taking multiple classes per week.

Our Level 2 unlimited membership is now $30 cheaper, so if you were on the fence before, now is a great time to upgrade to the new unlimited membership.

Details about our memberships can be found HERE. Please let us know if you have any questions about the new membership options!

Current students can upgrade their membership anytime, even in the middle of the month. If you would like to upgrade, just let us know the next time you’re in.