Each skill is scored from 0 to 10 points. In order to advance, students must accumulate a minimum of 70 points out of 100 total points, this equates to an average score of 7 or better on each skill. Any skill scored 0-2 will be an immediate failure, so be sure you review each skill and ask a coach if you have any questions.



Demonstrate your knowledge of the three body positions and three body shapes:

  • Straight, hollow, arch
  • Tuck, straddle, pike

This skill is worth 20 points, while all other test skills are worth 10 points


Perform a gymnastics-style cartwheel on the ground

gymnastics cartwheel

Cartwheel to Handstand

Perform a cartwheel to a handstand against a wall


Perform a wagon wheel (an “au” in capoeira) on the ground

Inward Side Shoulder Roll

Perform a inward side shoulder roll timer onto port-a-pit mats

Side Roll

Perform a side roll off the deck to land on the ground

Webster Side Flip

Perform a webster sideflip off the deck onto port-a-pit mats. A step-up is allowed

Side Flip Timer

Perform a sideflip timer with a good “Captain Universe” takeoff onto port-a-pit mats

Side Flip

Perform a sideflip off the deck onto port-a-pit mats