Each skill is scored from 0 to 10 points. In order to advance, students must accumulate a minimum of 112 points out of 140 total points, this equates to an average score of 8 or better on each skill. Any skill scored 0-2 will be an immediate failure, so be sure you review each skill and ask a coach if you have any questions.


Basic Flips

  • Perform front, side, and back flips on the floor.
  • A run up is allowed for front and side.
  • Can use a single red mat

Handstand 360

Perform a handstand 360 on the wall facing either direction

How to handstand 360

Back HandSpring

Perform a back handspring on the ground

Cartwheel to Side flip

Perform a cartwheel to side flip onto a red mat

Wall inward side/front timer

Using the 7’ box, perform an inward side/front flip timer onto big squishy from the gray deck


Perform a Webster front and side off of a tire to a red mat

Vault to Flip

Perform a vault to a Webster front

Roll to front and side flip

Perform a shoulder roll to side flip, and a forward roll to front flip onto big squishy

Front Handspring

Perform a front handspring on the floor


Perform an Arabian from the deck to big squishy

Flip with a different shape

Perform either a side, front, or back flip with any appropriate variation (pike, x-out, layout, flash)

Round off back flip timer

Perform a round off to a backflip timer onto big squishy from the ground

Gainer Timer

Perform a gainer onto big squishy

Push Gainer

Perform a push gainer timer on to big squishy from the 7’ box