Minnesota Parkour gym announces record-breaking $10,000 prize Parkour competition to support the creation of their online Parkour academy.

Minnesota-based parkour gym Fight or Flight Academy, is hosting an online Parkour competition with a $10,000 prize, the largest prize in Parkour history, to help promote the upcoming launch of their online parkour academy.

“We tired of seeing the best athletes in the world being underpaid” said Chad Zwadlo, founder of Fight or Flight Academy.

The competition will accept submissions from June 29 – July 6th, followed by a 10-day-long public voting period. The winner of the competition will be announced during the Fight or Flight Academy Online Kickstarter campaign, starting July 8th, 2020.

To learn more about the $10,000 competition or Fight or Flight Academy Online, please visit projectparkour.com

Media Contact:

Company Name: Fight or Flight Academy
Contact Person: Holden Hagerman
Address: 7355 Washington Avenue South, Edina, MN 55439
Telephone: 952-212-7310
Email: holden@fightorflightacademy.com
URL: fightorflightacademy.com

Autonomy Earned – Andrew Legatt


Our treasured video editor just earned his stripes

Andrew, the man himself

Andrew, the man himself

Hello hello, Fight or Flight Academy-ites!

Today, we are really proud of one of our own! Andrew Legatt, our Parkour video editor, has made it completely through our hazing hiring process!

You may be wondering, what Parkour gym uses words like “hiring process?”

Finding Our Parkour Video Guy

Well, let’s give some quick context then! Our hiring process is all built around pulling in prospects who fit our culture. We want people who will stick around. From the job posting onward, we filter out anyone that doesn’t fit in with the community at Fight or Flight Academy. We have worked with a lot of people from inside of the community over the years. To maintain the values of that community, we have to be pretty strict when we hire someone we don’t know yet!

Okay, But Who’s Andrew?

We hired Andrew a month ago, now. We were pretty stoked to meet him! Since his application was impressive, and the video (yeah, we make people send us a video about their hobbies) he sent us made him seem like a good fit! We all got a good laugh out of him showing up in a suit for his interview. Of course, by no fault of his own. Most smart fellas will at least wear a button down to an interview. There aren’t a lot of places where you can work, get a salary and wear athletic clothes all of the time! Everyone is comfortable, and when someone shows up in a suit for their interview it’s always hilarious.

We’ve gotten to know Andrew a lot better since he started, so let’s push some of that knowledge forward! We’re all kind of hiding in the office upstairs at the gym, so it’s likely you may not have seen much of him yet. But you will!

Andrew grew up in St Michael, and graduated from St Michael-Albertville High School. He went to St. Cloud State University, originally to work in TV Production.

Two years into his program, they slashed the major he was working on from the curriculum 😢 He decided to roll with the punches and got a degree in Mass Communication & Creative Media Production (or something).  At the time, he might’ve been sad about the switch, but man are we glad that happened!

Okay but like…seriously, who is this guy?

Enough about school! Andrew likes working out and staying fit. He nailed his routine down early in high school, so he already loves being active. He also loves to play pickup games of basketball. Andrew says he loves the pace of basketball, and how everyone has to nail their role down and play well as a team to win.

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We’ve also been slowly indoctrinating Andrew…muahahahaha! We made him do our introductory class at the start of his second week. We set him up with the full kit, too! Some Fight or Flight joggers, a T-shirt, some K.O. Drop 2.0’s. By the end of the lesson, he was kicking ass!

Nowadays, whenever Chad suggests a start-of-the-day training session at noon, Andrew lights up! He says that he’s loved all of the Parkour he’s done so far. Better yet, he can’t wait to learn more. If he wasn’t busy working, he’d totally be taking classes in the gym. We’ll work on that for you, Andrew.

Andrew’s intro class, his first time trying Parkour

Andrew’s intro class, his first time trying Parkour

We think it’s pretty exciting that our video editor and animator is getting into Parkour. He’s the guy that makes Chad’s instruction as easy to understand as possible. The better that Andrew gets at Parkour, and the more he knows about it, the better our videos are going to get. For the sake of Fight or Flight Academy Online, please go pro, Andrew. Please.

Now that Andrew made it through his first 30 days at Fight or Flight Academy, we’re paying it forward. We start people off working from 12pm-8pm. It’s a weird schedule, but it’s what we decided on originally and we’ve stuck to it. Once those first 30 days are up, the leadership team decides if that person has earned their autonomy.

We’ll Let You In On a Secret…

This post is a public announcement that Andrew, has in fact earned it! As a reward for his dedication and hard work in that first month, Andrew gets some real freedom. He’ll get to choose his hours during the week, as long as he hits full-time and gets all of his work done. How sweet is that?! And better yet, we also got him a {gift} because we love him.

This post has a lot of context about what this is, because Andrew is the first outside hire to do it! So here’s to you, Andrew. We hope you keep up the good work, so you can be a role model to all of the future employees you’ll work with!

Congratulations Andrew, we hope you are happy! And as always, remember Rule #8: DON’T DIE!


We Are Re-Opening!



That’s right! You heard it! Everyone here at Fight or Flight Academy is so, so excited to have students back in our doors on the 16th of this month ✅

That excitement comes at a price, though. We are still fully aware of the ongoing pandemic, and we want to let you, our students, know what to expect 🔭

As it stands, this is our current plan based on state-provided restrictions, and our own planned procedures:

  • Everyone must wear a mask – coaches, students, parents, everyone.

  • The lounge area will be closed – sorry folks! If you’re not in a class, you won’t be able to hang out in the gym or any of its spaces.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed around the gym.

  • Social Distancing will be adhered to (6 feet apart, we’ve got tape measures!)

  • Designated and limited obstacles will be used with each class

  • All of said obstacles will be sanitized between each class

  • Bathrooms will be closed except for emergencies

  • The only people allowed in the gym will be those in the current class, and staff

  • Finally, we are only allowing 10 people per class, one class at a time. You must pre-register on ZenPlanner. Until we sort out how this will all function, we are limiting classes to 1 per week, per student.

We want to give all of you more chances to be in class, but first, we need to nail it!

As always, thanks for sticking with us, Fight or Flight crew!


June Summer Camps Update

Summer Campers!

At Fight or Flight Academy, one of our top priorities is leading a healthy lifestyle! With that goal in mind, allowing large groups of people into our gym has been a serious topic for us. We originally closed our doors before we would have been forced to by the government, for this exact reason.

At the current time, we do not know when the state of Minnesota will allow us to reopen our doors. The June 1st easing of restrictions does not include our business. As much as we wish we could put on summer camps for the month of June, we must listen to the state. Once we can open, we’ll be working hard to keep up with all restrictions.

We know that you and your family have been looking forward to our Parkour summer camps for a while, and we are really disappointed to say we will not be able to run them in the month of June.

Don’t worry though! Your money isn’t going down the drain. We have a choice for you, two offers of our best to remedy the situation. We are unable to issue refunds to everyone who purchased a summer camp. As a solution, we are offering a credit of equal value to the summer camp. If that doesn’t appeal to you, we are also offering a credit of TWO summer camps for the summer of 2021 as a second option. We hope that you feel these are fair trade offs in such an unprecedented time.

Stay healthy so we can see you next summer,

and as always, remember Rule #8: DON’T DIE!