UPDATED Statement | COVID-19 Update

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Parkour is all about overcoming obstacles. We all have a pretty big obstacle to overcome right now. Our focus as a business is encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and the best way we can encourage that right now is by limiting our impact on the health of our community.

We have made the decision to close for the next 30 days in our effort to minimize our impact on our students, staff, and family members, and to ease the load on our health care system.

While this can be hard on a small business, we are actually looking at it as a positive thing. We are going to be hard at work during the next 30 days making huge improvements. Including brand new flooring in the front entrance, office, and lobby area. Brand new rubber flooring in the gym, new port-a-pit mats, a fresh paint job, new digital displays, an upgraded sound system, and much more!

Additionally, we will be releasing follow-along tutorials every day that can be done in any home free of charge.

We realize that this situation will cause financial burden on everyone, including ourselves.  If you need to put your membership on hold, we completely understand, just let us know by the end of the month.  All our supporters who continue their membership will receive two vouchers for a free month of membership that can be used for yourself and a friend.  These coupons will be redeemable starting in September of this year.  We will also create a custom t-shirt for everyone who helps us out through this trying time.  And we will love you forever <3

As we monitor the continuing situation, we may need to remain closed for longer and may need to change the redemption dates of the coupons.  We wish everyone well during this.

Alex and Sal are available in-person, over the phone, or through email with any questions.

Support Us Further

For anyone wishing to support us further, consider purchasing a gift card or donating to help us as a small business get through this time.


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