Small Schedule Update



We will be making a small schedule update starting in November. This update will include some small changes to a few classes, as well as adding an additional flips class, and two new classes, Yoga and movie stunts.

In addition, we are renaming Level 4 to “Pre Team”. The class structure remains the same, but this provides a clear path to joining the Fight or Flight Pro Team. The testing requirements to get into this class will be available soon.

The New Classes

  • Yoga

    • We have always viewed Yoga as an incredible supplement to your Parkour training. It can serve as a great cooldown after classes, and by increasing your flexibility, you will greatly reduce risk of injury during Parkour training. PK Mobility previously served this role, but Yoga will be a much better alternative. As such, we have decided to remove our PK Mobility classes and will be integrating some of it into our core classes.

    • Sign up for our first Yoga sampler class on Thursday, October 24th at 8:30pm. It’s FREE for all current members.

  • Stunts

    • Want to work in Hollywood movies, but too ugly to be an actual actor? Try doing stunts! In this class you will learn the basics of safe and convincing falling in a variety of scenarios, simple martial arts techniques and choreography, and film set etiquette.

      • Safe and proper technique for taking a fall

      • Selling a fall on camera

      • Proper look of various scenarios of getting shot

      • Basic on set firearm safety

      • Effective simple hand to hand as well as weaponry martial art choreography and acting for hitting and taking a hit

      • Basics of high falls

      • Proper on set filming etiquette and procedures

    • The first Stunts class will begin on the 9th, as Chad will be gone the first Saturday of November.

Detailed below are the full changes taking place. If you have any questions, please let us know!


530pm – Removed PK Mobility, Added Beginner Flips

630pm – Removed All Levels class, Added Teen/Adult Level 2

730pm – Removed All Levels class, Added Teen/Adult Level 3


830pm – Teen/Adult Level 1 moved to 7:30pm


6pm – Beginner Swords class moved to 6:30pm

7pm – Advanced Swords class is changed to a Sword Sparring class, and begins at 7:30pm


8:30pm – Added a brand new weekly Yoga class!


No Change


9am – Moved Youth Level 1 class to this time (From 10am)

10am – Youth Level 3 will now have a dedicated instructor for the full hour, and will no longer go until 11:30am.

3:30pm – Removed PK Fit & Mobility, added a brand new weekly Stunts class (The first stunts class will be on the 9th, as Chad will be gone the first Saturday of November).

The new November schedule can be seen below:


Spreadsheet for website November 2019.jpg

Improved Progression System


What is it?

We have implemented a testing system that will help students set and achieve their goals. Each test includes similar elements at increasing difficulty as you increase in level.

You can view the youth and teen/adult test requirements, with video demonstrations of each skill, on our website.

How do I take a test?

You can schedule a test with us whenever you feel ready to advance, or even to just get an idea of where you are in your training. Scheduling options are available on the corresponding test page, and you can always talk to us when you’re at the gym.

What happens if I fail a test?

Nothing really. You will be given notes and progressions to help with any movements you struggled with during the test.

Will the tests ever change?

Probably. We are always looking to make changes that benefit our students, so if we see something that needs to be changed, we will. Our goal is to teach you Parkour, not to fail you on a bunch of tests.