Big Changes Coming in April | Full Details

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A few weeks ago we published a preview of our upcoming changes coming in April. We are excited to share with you the exact details of those changes in this blog post. There is a lot to go over and we’re sure there will be questions. Please bring any questions you have to Kim, and he will be happy to answer your questions.

Membership Changes

Our most significant change is going to be to our membership options. There is a lot to go over, but we are confident these changes will be beneficial to everyone.

Current students have the option to switch to any of our new membership options whenever they like. If you would like to remain on your current membership option, you can do so by enrolling in our autopay program and you can keep your current membership for as long as you remain on the autopay program. Any student who is not enrolled in autopay, or who takes a break and comes back will need to switch to one of the new membership options, detailed below.


Addons are a new addition to our membership options. They allow you to customize your membership to fit your needs with more granularity. You must be currently enrolled in a Youth Parkour Level 1/2/3 or Teen/Adult Level 1/2/3/4 membership to be eligible for any of the addon options. You can addon for only one month, or keep it for several months. You can add or remove any of your addon options at any time.

Our addon options are:

+1 Class Per Week
One Additional Core Class per Week
$20 / Month
(Can only be used once per month)

Unlimited Open Gyms
Up to 8 Open Gyms per Week
$30 / Month

Supplementary Class Package
One Flips, Obstacle Courses, or Mobility class package (one class per week)
$25 / Month (Can be used multiple times per month)

Open Gym Only Membership

Not everyone has the time or the desire to take instructed classes and would instead prefer to train on their own or with friends. We want to support that with our new unlimited open gym only membership. For $99/month, you can attend any and all of our open gym classes. There are eight open gyms every week to attend.

Unlimited Open Gyms
Up to 8 Open Gyms per Week
$99 / Month

Core Memberships Overview

Our core memberships are receiving a large overhaul. As stated above, any current students that want to remain on their existing membership can do so by enrolling in our autopay system, and can remain registered for that membership for as long as they remain on autopay.

We are now offering three different options for both our standard and simple packages.

Our month to month options have no contract and you can cancel them at any time, the same way our current memberships work.

We are now offering a 4-month and 12-month option, with substantial discounts to go along with them.

If you sign up for a 4-month package, you save 15% compared to the month to month packages. The 12-month packages save you 30% compared to the month to month packages.

When signing up for the 4-month or 12-month packages, you have the option to pay the full amount up front and save an additional 5% on top of the 15% or 30% savings, or you may choose to pay in monthly installments.

The exact details and pricing for each membership will be detailed below.

Junior & Youth (Ages 7-14)

You will notice that our naming structure has changed. To remain more consistent and be easier to understand, we have renamed Junior Parkour to Youth Parkour Level 1. Youth Parkour is now Youth Parkour Level 2, and Youth Level 2 is now Youth Level 3. The classes remain split in much the same way as before, but we will be putting a much stronger emphasis on skill, height, and maturity when deciding which level to place students in.

Level 4 is here! With the addition of Level 4, we are able to adjust levels 2 and 3 to provide a more steady increase in difficulty and complexity rather than the large gap between levels that currently exists. What you will find is that Level 2 will see a shift in structuring to focus on solidifying core movements and principals, providing a smoother transition from Level 1 to Level 2. You will find that overall Level 2 will be slightly easier, while Level 3 will be slightly harder than current Level 2, but easier than current Level 3. Level 1 remains unchanged.Our new youth membership options are as follows (all three youth parkour levels share the same membership pricing and structure):

Gone are the “A” and “B” classes. While the idea has worked well, we found it to be confusing for new students and ultimately not needed with our new restructuring. Instead, you will be able to attend classes of your current level and one level lower. For example, a Level 3 student can take Level 3 AND Level 2 classes, but cannot take Level 1 or Level 4 classes. This still provides you with variety during the week if that’s what you like by taking a class of each level which will focus on different skills, or you can take the same level class multiple times per week and get lots of practice and insight from different instructors on the same skill.

Over the next few weeks, we will be evaluating our Level 2 students for their eligibility toward Level 3. We anticipate roughly half our current Level 2 students will be elevated to Level 3, allowing them the option to take Level 3 AND Level 2 classes. Those who remain in Level 2 are eligible for Level 2 AND Level 1 classes.

Other than price, the main difference you will see in memberships is in the Simple Package. We have removed the unlimited open gyms portion, and in turn lowered the price. You can add your unlimited open gyms back again with our new membership addons, or save some money and maybe buy some FoFa merchandise with it. 😀

Our new teen/adult membership options are as follows (Levels 2, 3, and 4 share the same membership pricing and structure):


Our schedule will see a huge overhaul. As a whole, most people’s scheduling will not need to change much if at all. Almost all of the Junior and Youth classes (renamed Youth 1/2/3) remain at the same time. Our Level 2 and Level 3 classes mostly occupy the same spots the old “A” and “B” classes used to occupy. So while it looks like a lot is changing, it really isn’t. We have also tried to have the option for students to take multiple classes in a row to make the most of the drive out here.

The full schedule can be seen below. Classes highlighted in yellow depict a scheduling change for that class.

That’s everything! We know you’ll have questions. Please direct any questions you have to Kim, and he will be happy to help you.

Small details may change as we gather feedback, we will do our best to inform those who may be affected by the changes.

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