September 2018 Schedule Updates

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Starting in September, we are getting a new full time instructor!

Collin Cooper is joining Fight or Flight Academy as a full time instructor again after a hiatus to work for American Parkour Academy. Collin has been training with Chad since before Fight or Flight Academy even opened, and helped find the location and build the obstacles we still have today.

Collin is getting pretty close to being able to fly.

With the addition of Collin, we will be updating our schedule, in most cases only to add additional classes, not to take any away.

You can see our full September schedule below, and listed here will be the changes we are making.

Supplementary Class Packages

This is going to be the biggest change we are making, and these changes actually are beginning in August.

All of our supplementary classes will now be 4-week structured sessions, instead of singular one-time sessions. This allows us to get into a lot more detail on each subject and tailor the class to the students who signed up.

We have five different supplementary class packages available; Flips, Obstacle Courses, Mobility, Strength, and Flow. CLICK HERE to get more details about the different packages available.

Schedule Updates


Hybrid Class | 6pm


Strength for Parkour | Removed


Youth 1 | 5:30pm

Mobility for Parkour | 5:30pm

Flips | 6:30pm


Youth 1 | Removed

Youth 2 | Replaces Youth 1 at 6:30pm


Youth 1 | Changed to 7:30pm

Flow | Changed to 5:30pm


Mobility for Parkour | 3:30pm


No finalized changes, but we have plans to add additional classes.

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of these changes coming up.


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