Parkour & Freerunning Band Testing

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Everyone who is testing will fail.

When you come in during testing day, it is important to understand that failing is inevitable. That’s okay. Failing provides you with information about what you need to work on going forward. Train your weak points and come back stronger next time.

Each testing day begins with EVERYONE taking the Gray Band test. Everyone who passes moves on to the Green Band, then Blue, and finally Red.  That means to earn your Red Band, you must first pass all the other tests on that same day. You can drop out at any time, but we encourage everyone to keep going until they fail as long as they can stay safe.

To earn your Black Band, you must first earn your Red Band, then a separate testing day will be scheduled to test for your Black Band. Think of this as a black belt test. It is meant to take years of training, and be one of the most difficult and rewarding things you have done in your life.

The things you will be tested on will be varied, including courses (both Parkour & Freerunning oriented), small 2-4 move combos, single skill demonstrations, and verbal question/answers. Each tested skill will be graded from 0-10. In addition, we will consider other factors such as overall attitude, determination, etc.

We have provided a list of skills you should be proficient at before expecting to pass certain band tests. You will not be tested on ALL of those skills, but you will be tested on many of them in varying situations.

An example of our grading system for a course test:

  • 10 – Flawless execution; no stutter steps, correct choice of movements, fast and maintained speed

  • 7-9 – Great execution; Some stutter steps, no hesitations, some sub-optimal but otherwise fluid movements, maintained speed

  • 5-6 – Average execution; A few stutter steps/hesitations, some sub-optimal movements, speed fluctuations

  • 3-4 – Poor execution; Many stutter steps, sub-optimal and sloppy movements, fell/tripped but recovered, poor speed

  • 1-2 – Failed execution; Forgot course, fell with poor/no recovery, unsafe and/or grossly sub-optimal movements

Because bands are not linked to your membership level, it allows us to be strict when testing. Our goal is to fail you. You must prove to us you deserve each band. These tests are supposed to be hard. You will feel that much more accomplished when you pass one of them.



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